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How To Write YOUR Book in Three Weeks or Less - Even If You Have No Formal Training in How to Write a Book!

You Can Finish the Book You've Always Wanted to Write - in Three Weeks or Less!

by Best-Selling Author Ginie Sayles


We just finished writing our book!

I don't know if you remember us at the UT (University of Texas) evening class. My husband knew your brother and I just signed up to find out what he needed to do to get this book OUT OF HIM!

Well, you inspired him and he went home, sat down and wrote it. It was surreal to watch. It just flowed out of him. 68,000 words.

Bill is so ready to write the next book he has been developing for years. A plastic surgeon - Can you believe it? You really started something.

This past year we have felt that we are on a new path on life's journey and then signed up for your course. We sensed your spirit immediately.

Bless you,
Sue and Bill Bailey, MD

"Ginie Sayles is tremendous. Her techniques took my dream of writing a book and let me make it into a reality. Anyone who wants to be an author needs to run (not walk) to her course."
Jim Trippon CPA Author of Stay Rich Forever

Question: Who writes books in 3 weeks or less?

Barbara Cartland - 8 days - holds the Guinness Book of World Records for 724 books

Janet Dailey - 7 days - a best-selling romance writer for about 4 decades

Danielle Steele - 12 days - reportedly for her 1st best seller

Sylvester Stallone - 3 1/2 weeks to write "Rocky"

Anne Rice - 5 weeks to write Interview With A Vampire

Agatha Christie - 4 or less weeks to write her famous mysteries

Alexandre Dumas the younger - 3 weeks to write Camille (made into 4 movies, 2 operas)

YOU can write faster than you think you can! Whether it is Fiction - or Nonfiction - you can toss aside the tedious "Old School" methods of writing!

Now - Best-Selling Author GINIE SAYLES teaches her own unique and simple methods to help you become a prolific writer.

Discover How The Most Prolific Authors Write Books Quickly:

How to structure a Fiction Plot in only 30 minutes to an hour!

How to completely outline a Nonfiction Book - and chapters - in about 30 minutes to an hour

Day-by-day steps to write your book

Forget the foolishness of "writer's block"

The book you have inside you may be the key to a whole new life - but first, you have to get it from idea to completion.

Ginie's techniques are easy, effective, and amazingly simple. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish quickly.

Dear Ginie,

I struggled for several years attempting to get my thoughts on paper. After taking your writing course, How To Write A Book In 3 Weeks, the words exploded onto the page.
I finished my book a few months after completing your class and sales continue to grow. In addition to selling overseas in English, a foreign publisher just paid me a licensing fee to create a Finnish version and I am in negotiations with companies in Brazil and Turkey for additional translation rights.
Without your help I certainly would not be enjoying these fruits of my labor. In fact, I might not have written the book at all. Thank you very much!
Ross G. H. Shott


"Your class helped me organize and get my book finished. I have been doing appearances, book signing, expos, workshops, radio shows, etc., so I'm doing well!
Thanks for putting the helpful information into your teaching class."


Lou J. Free
Author of "Angels Whisper" - in bookstores and ParadiseWest.com/loujfree

YOU can write more books faster - Ginie shows you how she did it.

"I once took a psychology test that revealed I enjoy the success of other people. That has to be why I love teaching classes like this. It is thrilling to see someone break through their fears and write a book!" - Ginie Sayles

Born in West Texas, GINIE SAYLES never dreamed she would become a best selling author. "In fact," she says, "I had no confidence whatsoever about being able to write a book at all. I wanted to write books; but I was overwhelmed at the thought of trying. That is why I teach this course - to take the intimidation out of writing - and to show people how they can do it in spite of themselves. Students do not have to have a background in writing because I make it so easy to understand that anyone can follow my step-by-step methods."

After she became a best-selling author, Ginie donated her entire royalty on one of her books to create a scholarship for single parents because she had gone through college as a single mom on Welfare and a student loan, earning a degree in English and speech.

Before she became an author, she handled Public Relations for a major opera company and later became a Stockbroker for E.F. Hutton.

Because of her books, Ginie has been featured on major television, newspapers, and magazines all over the world - and her books have been published in several languages. National magazines have published excerpts of her books.

The National Writer's Association had Ginie speak in California on this subject because the way she presents the seminar - and the depth of her information - makes her a very popular speaker.

"I am a Wall Street Journal and New York Times Business Best Selling author (2001,2002). This was the best workshop I have ever had out of the ten or so I have attended!! !
"Great job! The time flew by!!"
Dennis A. Romig, Ph.D
Author of Side by Side Leadership


"When I finally ordered Ginie Sayles' program How To Write A Book In 3 Weeks - Or Less, I had already written several non-fiction books. The hardest part was always organizing the massive amount of material - then writing and rewriting until the information was explained logically and clearly. This can be overwhelming and very tedious. Forget writer's block, I had writer's dread!

"I've heard people say that it's possible to write books fast, but I thought that would never apply to me. But Ginie Sayles convinced me that anyone can write a book fast. In her program, she shows you how to make the process work like clockwork.

"Ginie Sayles inspired me by showing how so many prolific authors have actually written books fast. Then she lays out the actual schedule to make this happen. She proves that a book can be written in 3 weeks even if you already have other time-consuming tasks which take up most of your day.

"Ginie also includes many clever tips to organize each step of the process so that you can't make the horrible mistakes some writers make that causes them to lose all their work.

"When you go through the program, don't underestimate Ginie's concise directions - they are quite powerful when you put them to work. I have referred back to this program many times - including when I need inspiration and motivation for a writing project.

"How To Write A Book In 3 Weeks - Or Less also showed me that there is more to copyright protecting one's work than I was putting into practice. I'm grateful to Ginie Sayles for sharing this. She's proven again and again that she has a genuine desire to help others succeed."

- Mimi Tanner

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You receive Ginie Sayles's "How to Write a Book in 3 Weeks" Seminar on DVD including the 147-page Guidebook, and much more - see the Order Box.

Is this program available at bookstores?
No - this program is exclusively available by mail - and we rush your order to you promptly.

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Yes! Your package - and your credit statement - will only show the name of our publishing company Oak Forest Publishing. Your privacy is assured!

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